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What we do

Power Clouds is building the biggest network of connected solar plants ever, by choosing to build them in the most suitable areas of the planet.

People are the real core of the project. They are directly involved in the construction of the plants thanks to an innovative crowdfunding model introduced by the company.

Anyone, can take part into the energy revolution promoted by Power Clouds, becoming producer of the clean energy that will power the world electricity grid. With Power Clouds, even those who, for any reason, cannot install a solar implant on their own roof, will be able to invest in solar technology with guaranteed return for 20years.



People are protagonist of the change that Power Clouds is promoting. Thousands of participants, from over 100 countries have already become active part of the project.

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Solar plants

Power Clouds started with 6 MW of solar plants in Romania. Next, the company brought its project to Japan, by making installations on the Hokkaido prefecture. Power Clouds keep monitoring the world energy market and the possible business opportunities in several countries. Through our “Developer Area” Power Clouds receives many proposals to develop new projects in the most suitable areas of the world.


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