Power Clouds is moving to the next level. Upgrading from just being a local solar player to becoming the world’s leading utility scale solar energy provider.  If you qualify, you can participate by swapping your existing agreement for this unique, global, green opportunity.


You may recover your investment in as little as 2 years rather than 20.


You sign a new agreement giving you direct ownership in U.S. public listed company.

You can sign the new agreement from the 1 October 2016 and the offer will be valid until 31 December 2016.

Further details and documentation are already available to all eligible participants when they log in to their Power Clouds User Area (my.powerclouds.com), following these simple steps:

  • access your personal area (my.powerclouds.com);
  • go to Legal section (by clicking on the fourth button on top);
  • download and read the contract by clicking on “DOWNLOAD” button;
  • print the contract and sign it at the last page;
  • scan the signed contract;
  • upload the signed contract and your ID in Legal section, by clicking on “UPLOAD” button.


Click to read the Swap And Grow Letter.

Log in to your User Area to read the official FAQs and the Agreement.

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