10 small actions for a better world

December 17, 2013

Man is engaging in unsustainable development in the environment in which he lives, and nature is beginning to send serious and clear signals that should incite us to reverse the trend. While implementation of a new approach on behalf of central governments is important, each of us can (in a small way) help save the planet.

For this reason, we present 10 actions that can be adopted by each individual, anywhere in the world, to reduce carbon footprints and help build a better future:

1. Turn off lights and electrical and electronic devices when not in use and replace traditional light bulbs with energy-saving technology. These provide equal illumination, ensuring a household consumption savings of up to 70 %.

2. Using heating or air conditioning and not setting temperatures very different from those outside improve the environment’s health and reduce energy consumption. Consider that a one degree centigrade difference can also save 10% on home energy.

3. Believing in possibilities offered by renewable energy, which can provide clean and inexhaustible energy, is possible today, thanks to new participatory systems like Power Clouds.

4. Reusing, recovering and recycling glass containers allows for a substantial reduction of air and water pollution. Additionally, these objects (if left in the environment) can persist for millions of years without decomposing.

5. Using recycled paper and writing on both sides before discarding a sheet of paper contributes to about a 50% reduction in the use of this material. Paper, for its production, requires using a lot of resources and water.

6. Giving new life to goods. Before discarding them, it would be useful to ensure whether or not there is someone who can regain usefulness from them. It’s often possible to donate many items to non-profit charitable organizations who will provide them to those in need.

7. Think again about using bottled water, because almost 90% of plastic containers today are not recycled and end up in landfills where they will be decomposed after thousands of years. Choosing to drink tap water, which often guarantees higher quality standards than those of bottled water, is a good choice for the environment, the wallet and your health.

8. Planting a tree means accomplishing a positive action for the air and the earth. Even those without a garden can join in one of the many initiatives that have emerged in recent years and “adopt” a tree.

9. Buying and using local products, not requiring long-distance transportation, reduces air pollution, encourages and supports the local economy and often allows you to acquire better quality at lower prices.

10. By sharing ideas, convictions and gained knowledge with others, we can contribute to making a sustainable future and a more effective process of change.

If everyone commits to adopting an “earth-friendly” lifestyle, everyone’s contributions should add up to becoming truly relevant for the planet. This contribution can’t be ignored by the rest of society and various national governments.

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